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ShenZhen Zhong YiLong Electronic Technology Co.,LTD
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About ShenZhen Zhong YiLong  ( ZYL )

Established History

In The early Stage ,We established in December 29, 1998, HK , Which Named  China Dragon electronic Technology Co.,LTD

From 2002  ,  We builing two factory in ShenZhen City of China . Mainland Company named ShenZhen Zhong YiLong Electronic Technology CO.,LTD

(ZYL ) Zhong YiLong

Based on  18 years PCBA OEM Experience PCB manufacturing to PCBA assemblies, testing and housing .Our Mostly  OEM Services for Product below :

Protable Meters ( Medical Meter , Glucose meter  ,Power meter )

What we done will be on progress below :

PCB Manufacture --- Componetns Sourcing - SMT & DIP  -- ICT & Function Testing -  Finished Assembly

PCB  Capacity & Assembly Capacity

So far , We have 500 skilled employees and Our PCB production capacity can reach 20,000 square meters 2 Layer & 4 Layer  per month and EMS assembly capacity at 250 million components per month. We have 4 SMT line with high Speed machines & 2 Dip Line for assembly serivce

Testing System

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

In ensuring the accuracy of placement and soldering, AOI is a powerful tool both for continuous process monitoring and to filter out defects for repair.

In-circuit test (ICT)

For volume production, Sparqtrons´s ICT and ATE capabilities enable efficient testing for a wide range of assembly and component defects, with an ability for more than 5000 testing points and a maximum of 73cm in board width.

Flying probe

Our flying probe testing capability gives you the flexibility to give prototypes and small volume builds full testing coverage, without creating expensive custom fixtures.

X-ray inspection (3D & 2D)

For BGA, QFN and through-hole components, our X-ray inspection provides the visual verification against voids, shorts, insufficient fill.

Function test

Every product needs a different approach to the function test, because every product performs a different function. Our competent engineering team creates efficient custom testing systems in-house, perfectly suited to your exact product.